Our territory: Tuscany

Each area has a different landscape

We specialise in countryside properties and townhomes located in the best known and most attractive parts of Tuscany: Chianti, Valdelsa and San Gimignano, the Sienese countryside (including Crete Senesi and Valdorcia), Volterra and the hills surrounding Florence.
The area has worldwide appeal and attracts both local, Italian and international investors.
High end properties are rare, for the most part bought with very little leverage* and often passed from one generation to the other. As a result, this market segment, whilst not immune to the ups and downs of the world economy, has been much more stable than other real estate investments.

Italy has the lowest per capital mortgage debt in Western Europe, at EUR5.83 per capita. This figure is EUR23.27 for the UK and 27.04 for the USA. Official data from the European Mortgage Federation for 2010.